Ladyfingers soaked in rum & Espresso layered with Mascarpone & topped a dusting of Cocoa Powder

Créme Brúlée

Vanilla Bean Custard

Crespelle Di Mele

Crepes filled with Granny Smith apples and pastry cream served with caramelized walnuts, Vanilla Bean Gelato, Caramel and Creme anglaise

Affogato Al Caffè

Espresso poured over two scoops of vanilla gelato and topped with fresh whipped cream

Rosina Al Cioccolato

Chocolate Mousse, Fresh Raspberry and Sponge Cake soaked with Triple Sec; served with Orange crème anglaise

Puff Pastry Napoleon

With Strawberries,Marsala Wine,Mascarpone Mousse & Mix Berries Sauce

Villa Dolce italian Gelato

Choose: Vanilla Bean or Caramel Sea Salt

Villa Dolce Italian Sorbets

Choose: Raspberry or Mango

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